Arthritis and Asthma

A customer came to use our Aqua-Chi Machine.She had recently retired because of severe arthritis in her hands. After one treatment she was able to open and close both hands. She commented that her pain was 80% better.

After five treatments, she had no more pain and 100% mobility back.

She then asked her husband to try the Aqua-Chi treatments. He had Asthma and used oxygen at night and inhalers during the day. After two treatments he stopped using the oxygen and night and after five treatments was able to quit using the inhalers. He saw a remarkable change in his ability to breathe.

– Glen Ohmert, health food store owner

Schleroderma The Aqua-Chi Machine is working for me! I am continuing to respond well to treatments, while only time will tell whether it will cure my schleroderma it has certainly provided more relief that anything else I’ve tried and healing is very apparent. I would not hesitate in recommending it to other sufferers of this affiliation.

– Wilbert Bentz

Kidneys I have experienced kidney failure and poor kidney function throughout my life. I obtained an Aqua-Chi machine and had amazing results! Since using the Aqua-Chi Machine I have not had kidney failure. I have been a nurse for 18 years and tried to stay current on whatever could aid my condition. It was this machine that led to my break through for a healthier, happier existence.

I believe that electromagnetic field therapies such as the Aqua-Chi are way ahead of their time and that this technology helps many disorders/diseases. I highly recommend that folks try this out for themselves.

– Sincerely, Lori Niell

I was born with a defect at the base of my right kidney I had surgery after nearly dying from kidney failure. All was well until I took a homeopathic remedy of Silica as I’d forgotten about the shunt that was put in my body. My body then began to reject this shunt and I started to loose vitality and retain fluid. When I went in for a test they found that the uriter had started to shrivel but my bladder was in such bad shape they couldn’t see how it held any fluid at all.

Their option for me was to see a neurologist and go on medication . . . not an option I was willing to consider!

I then purchased the Aqua-Chi Machine. After a few treatments I was able to hold my urine and my vitality began to return. It has been interesting to see the color of the water change and smell the chlorine leaving my body.

I am an organic farmer so I have been able to return to my chores again which is a real blessing. I have recommended the Aqua-Chi to many of my friends and they have all had as dramatic results as myself.

-Amandah Jensan, B.C. Canada

Menstrual CyclePrior to my purchasing the Aqua-Chi Machine I had not had a menstrual cycle in three months. I’m only 35 so I knew it couldn’t be peri-mentopause. After five treatments my menstrual cycle returned to normal. I also noticed less cramping and a shorter cycle also had increased energy and a better mental attitude.

– Sincerely, Lori Niell Sincerely, K. Foster

CandidaI was suffering from Candida overgrowth which was localized in my bladder and uterus. This was the cause of my low energy. After receiving a 35-minute Aqua-Chi foot bath, I felt much stronger.

The therapist and I were shocked to find that the Candida seemed to have cleared out of my bladder and uterus. She stated that she had never seen anyone’s energy field shift so dramatically in such a short period of time!

Since using the Aqua-Chi Machine on a regular basis, I have noticed that I have more energy and stamina and that I sleep more soundly.

I also have to add that the technical support for the machine is great! The makers really stand behind their product. I’d recommend that everyone should have an Aqua-Chi Machine in his or her home!

– Larisa McClung

Muscule Tension, Softer Skin I had heard that the Aqua-Chi machine helped relieve muscular tension from rigorous workouts. I purchased a machine and found this to be true. I have also noticed the texture of my skin at the age of 51 seemed softer and my wrinkles less prominent. My menopausal symptoms are greatly reduced and I am sleeping through the night.

– Sincerely, Tina Holl